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Live alone, okay. Isolate yourself, no!

By Caro on June 21, 2024

Before, to be a hermit, you had to live in a wooden cabin and be self-sufficient. Today, with technology and home deliveries, we can go several days without any physical contact. But that’s not really what God wants.

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Be wise and harmless, because Jesus asks us to

By Caro on June 7, 2024

It is rare in the Bible that we read about the great qualities of a serpent! So when Jesus asks us to imitate them, it should surprise us enough to make us think. What does this passage teach us?

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How can we plan our vacations while we are dating?

By Caro on May 24, 2024

When we are dating, we are not yet married! So we don’t have to plan our vacations like couples around the world do. For God to bless our relationship, you don’t have to take a vacation from your standards!

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Are you trustworthy?

By Caro on May 10, 2024

Any good Christian will answer “Of course”! By trying to be a “good person,” we automatically think we are trustworthy. However, there are many small actions that we take that can put barriers in our relationships.

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